Several Items Recalled From Binghamton Price Chopper

Price Chopper on Chenango Bridge Road in Binghamton is recalling several store-made bakery items that were bought on June 23 due to the possibility of metal fragments. Bella Roma pizza items are also included in the recall. If you have any of the items listed below, you can return them for a full refund.

Here is the full list of products being affected:

Country Apple Pecan w/raisins 4173523014

Sriracha Firecracker Bread 4173522985

Vienna Toasted Sesame Bread 4173522324

Vienna Red Onion Rosemary Bread 4173522322

Vienna Ring Bread 4173523079

Vienna Baguette 4173523076

Vienna Loaf 4173523077

French Bread 4173524186

Italian Bread 4173524181

Everything Italian 4173524182

Parmesan Italian 4173524183

Sesame Italian 4173524184

Peasant Bread 4173525103

Sourdough Bread 41735227286 

Pack Boston 4173524890

Bulk Donuts 808(Single) (824 ½ doz) (816 dozen)

Jalapeno Corn Cheddar Bread 4173523058

Garlic and Cheddar Bread 4173523053

Four Cheese Bread 4173523005

Roasted Garlic Loaf 4173523021

Tuscan French 4173523035

Tuscan Hearty 4173523000

Tuscan Baguette 4173523002

Mini Boules 4173523004

Tuscan Demi Loaf 4173523003

Pizza Dough 4173524100

Rye Bread 1lb 4173525189

Rye Bread 2lb 4173525194

Pumpernickel 1lb 4173525193

Pumpernickel 2lb 4173525198

Seeded 1lb 4173525190

Seeded 2lb 4173525195

Marble Rye 1lb 4173525191

Marble Rye 2lb 4173525196

Garlic Bread 41735228